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Does Planet Fitness Let You Cancel Online?

NO! They don't.  They make you come into the gym where you signed up, or else send a certified letter.

Sometimes, that's easy.  Other times, you may have moved away, or you may just be too busy. 

Let us handle the cancellation for you.  It may be a cheap monthly fee, but it adds up over time, especially if you're not using it!

Planet Fitness won't let you: 

- Cancel by phone

- Cancel by email

- Cancel online

Our online puts your cancellation at your fingertips.  Be done with them in a matter of minutes, and let us take it from there!

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I had recently moved away from my gym, and it was so frustrating that I couldn't easily cancel my account.  This website was a lifesaver.  In minutes I was done, and a couple weeks later I got notice my membership was cancelled.

Francesca L.

The best! Easy, seamless, and took me less than a minute!

Bernie T.

Your site made cancelling as easy as it should have been in the first place.

Tom R.

How to cancel your Planet Fitness account

To cancel your Planet Fitness membership yourself, you can: 

- Go to the gym where you signed up, and fill out a form.

- Send a letter (preferably certified mail) to your gym.

- Use our quick online process to let us handle it for you.

Don't see your gym offered here?

We're planning to expand our offering soon.  Get in touch to see if your gym is available.